8+ Incredible Tips Can You Use A Credit Card For A Money Order

8+ Incredible Tips Can You Use A Credit Card For A Money Order

8+ Incredible Tips Can You Use A Credit Card For A Money Order. 3) present your id at the main customer service desk and tell them you want to buy a money order. So, for a $100 money order, you’d pay $10, and on a.

Can You Use A Credit Card To Purchase A Money Order At The Post Office from elcatalailalletra.blogspot.com

Purchasing a money order with cash or a debit card is usually a better option than buying one with a credit card, even if a retailer accepts credit. As of writing, only two retailers. If you would like to send money to friends or family online, consider a money transfer.

In Short, Using A Credit Card To Buy A Money Order Is Like Borrowing Money To Buy Cash.

Both establishments will charge separate fees from any credit card fees that may be applied to this purchase. Simply select the service you want to use, enter your credit card information, and follow the instructions on how to get a money order. Credit card providers generally allow you to pay for a money order with a credit card, but they typically treat the transaction as a cash advance rather than a regular purchase.

Cash Advance Fees Are Usually Set At 5% Or $10, Whichever Is Greater.

Most places don’t allow customers to buy money orders with gift cards. And, depending on the issuer and location, you may be able to pay for one with a credit card. Other payment methods for money orders:

Write Your Desired Payment Amount On A Check Or Money Order.

If you need to send money securely: This can range from as low as $.80 all the way up to nearly $2 depending on the location. This limitation is because most money order issuers want you to provide the money on hand.

At Western Union, The Usual Charge For A Money Order Up To $100 Is $1.25, While An Amount Between $100.01 And $1,000 Will Set You Back $1.50.

Moreover, if you have a rewards credit card, you won’t be able to use a money order (or a cash advance) to earn points, miles or cash back. Other places, such as usps, walmart, money gram, and walmart will not allow you to buy a money order with a credit card. So, given the extra fees and interest charges you’ll accrue, personal finance experts agree that it’s almost never a good idea to use your credit card to buy a money order.

Yes, You Can Use A Credit Card To Purchase A Money Order As Long As The Card Allows Cash Advances.

Just like with lottery tickets or cash advances, you can buy money orders with your credit card, but most experts recommend that you avoid doing so. You don’t have to use a credit card to obtain a money order. Before you can buy a money order or cashier’s check with a credit card, you’ll have to get a cash advance.

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