5+ Ways Can You Shred Metal Credit Cards

5+ Ways Can You Shred Metal Credit Cards

5+ Ways Can You Shred Metal Credit Cards. I started with the paper shredder as i had used the shredder to destroy enough plastic credit cards in the past, i figured it would do the job. Take it to a bank branch.

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With chase, you should have received a prepaid. Mail it back to the issuer. You definitely don’t want to take a knife to a metal credit card or try to put such a card through a shredder.

Barring That, Or If You Really Want To Do The.

After all, not everyone could afford such card. But soon found out that my shredder was not capable of eating away a metal credit card. Credit card shredding services are also an excellent way of ensuring that details are destroyed effectively.

I Started With The Paper Shredder As I Had Used The Shredder To Destroy Enough Plastic Credit Cards In The Past, I Figured It Would Do The Job.

Try using the reverse function to coax the credit card through the top of the shredder. It started to go down the shredder but got stuck. And a regular pair of kitchen scissors won’t do the trick, either.

To Destroy The Various Components Of A Metal Credit Card, You Can Use The Following Methods:

So you should call your card’s customer service department to see how it recommends dealing with an unused metal credit card. Take it to a bank branch. That’s a recipe for a broken tool and perhaps a trip to the.

Here Is How You Can Destroy One Of The Popular Metal Credit Cards If You Have One But Will No Longer Need It.

Give them a ring, and they’ll send you a prepaid mailer to send the card to them where they’ll throw it into the fires of mordor on your behalf. Giving the card a tug can help dislodge it from the shredder blades. Or at least, it used to be good for shredding credit cards.

You Can Find Them At A Hardware Store (Like Home Depot Or Lowe’s) Or A Crafts Store.

Metal cards have always been a status symbol. However, there is one noteworthy difference: Most current credit and debit cards have an emv chip that carries the majority of the information.

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