7+ Easy Ways Can I Pay Money Order With Credit Card

7+ Easy Ways Can I Pay Money Order With Credit Card

7+ Easy Ways Can I Pay Money Order With Credit Card. Because issuers want the money in hand before they issue the money order, you cannot pay with a personal check. They’re a secure way of obtaining and sending funds because, unlike checks, money orders don’t bounce or expire.

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You may use visa, mastercard, american express, and discover. There are only two places where you can purchase a money order using a credit card: At western union, the usual charge for a money order up to $100 is $1.25, while an amount between $100.01 and $1,000 will set you back $1.50.

Buy Money Orders At The Post Office | Business.

Here are the reasons why: This can range from as low as $.80 all the way up to nearly $2 depending on the location. Money orders can be a useful tool to securely make a payment or purchase.

If You Would Like To Send Money To Friends Or Family Online, Consider A Money Transfer.

Make sure the card has enough money to cover the fee. Write your desired payment amount on a check or money order. So, for a $100 money order, you’d pay $10, and on a $500 money order, you’d pay $25.

Other Places, Such As Usps, Walmart, Money Gram, And Walmart Will Not Allow You To Buy A Money Order With A Credit Card.

Credit cards can be used to purchase money orders, but finding merchants who allow customers to use credit cards is difficult. Y our card issuer will categorize the transaction as a cash advance. As of september 2013, money orders vary in price from less than $1 for most western union and moneygram orders to between $1.20 and $1.60 for postal orders.

Here Are Some Such Alternatives That You Can Opt For Before Going For A Money Order Purchase Using A Credit Card:

A money order is a certificate that is exchangeable for cash. Just keep in mind that credit card companies consider the purchase of a money order to be the equivalent of a cash advance, so the transaction will trigger an expensive fee and a high interest rate will take. If you purchase a money order from a bank, the charge may be even higher.

Most Credit Cards Have A “Cash Advance Apr” That’s Higher Than The Normal Purchase Apr.

In addition, a money order can be used to: You can buy a money order with either debit or credit card. Pay anyone who needs assurance of your ability to pay.

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